Module 3: Getting Down to the Dirty Details by Mike K.

Sep 6, 2018 | Student Review

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After completing Module 3 of Zero Up™, I can honestly say these first three sections of this course give me a great sense of what’s really involved in setting up an E-commerce store. At first, I thought setting up a Shopify storefront could be a fun hobby to do at school to make some extra money and that there wasn’t anything that Fred could show me that I couldn’t figure out myself. Now I see that without his guidance, not only might I have missed some of the steps needed to be successful, I would have spent a whole lot of time learning how to do all of them.

So with that in mind, I do want to point out that e-commerce is not a hobby. Like anything else, if you want to be successful, you do have to put in the effort. Where Zero Up™ comes in is that it breaks down each step into very clear, detailed parts, making it so much easier than if I were to have tried on my own.

What’s in Module 3?

By Module 3, Fred starts going into more about the business side of E-commerce business. In each video of the module, he discusses one particular aspect of business and why it’s so important to your success. For example, in Module 3 – video 4, he introduces the email automation application called Conversio that you can purchase through the Shopify App store. Fred not only shows you how to download it, connect it to your store, and use it, he explains why its purpose is so crucial for your business.

For the more difficult processes, Fred goes slowly and repeats the information so that you can soak it all in. I thought this was great because sometimes it’s easier to learn something when you go over it a few times. Fred is really a great teacher.

What I find helps

I find that taking notes is really helping, as well. During each video, I take down important notes or steps that Fred teaches. At the end of each video, I then write my biggest takeaways from that lesson, which helps me at the end of the module. Since there is so much information Fred is shooting at us, it is good to get a basic understanding of the material, as well as important takeaways of each video. There’s no way I can remember everything he says without taking notes.

Even though Fred walks you through setting everything up, I like how you still have the chance to put your own twist on your business approach — especially with the automated emails, receipts, descriptions, customization, etc. While Fred offers a lot of knowledge and helpful insight, I truly feel that everyone taking this course can approach their business in their own, unique way. This course is more than just a lecture, it is a tool in the creative process for each person taking it.

As I go through ZeroUp’s modules, I feel like I am becoming more educated, as well as more self-motivated and creative.


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